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David's World

Another year has gone. While it’s hard to believe that it’s over, I’m also not sad to see 2023 go. I don’t know about you, but this year was rough. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly much to be grateful for this year, and I am thankful for so many beautiful memories, but they didn’t come easily.
With Tami Hiraoka's help, we've come up with four places you can escape to, one location for each season. In this post, we'll explore the top picks for Summer and Fall!
I am beyond thankful for the support and loyalty of our clients. Halfway through 2022, we moved into our new store space and launched our boutique, selling gifts and accessories from local, woman-owned, and minority-owned small businesses. This has led to an explosion of growth and many new faces we happily welcome!

With the holiday season is approaching (where did the time go?), many clients have been asking me what gifts to get for their loved ones. I wouldn't say that I'm a oenophile, however, but what I am an expert in is gift giving

Fourth of July is creeping up in just a few days and I realized I had not formally planned anything. This year has moved so fast thus far and i'm a little pooped needless to say. Trying to find the non existent energy to throw together a party for friends and family seemed daunting. It dawned on me that I can't certainly be the only one feeling that way. Since a lake house, beach house or island getaway is not in the cards, I thought what better way to come together than an outdoor movie night right at home?!

As Memorial Day approaches, my mind turns to all things picnic-related. I'm sure many of you are still doing get-togethers outside, and quite frankly, a picnic never gets old. It won't matter your hosting level because we've got picnics covered from posh to nosh!

We've had our fair share of destination weddings over the years. From Paris, to England, to the Bahamas, to Aspen, to Mexico, to Sea Island, Georgia, destination weddings give everyone a good excuse to have a nice trip. Oh, and you can get married while you're at it! 

Time to get back to booking those appointments. The Coronavirus Pandemic threw us all for a loop and many had to reschedule their special events such as weddings, galas, debutants and more. We are walking you through how to book a Design Consultation for your custom garment. Don't hesitate to book your next appointment
Today's post is a little different, and I hope it resonates with you. Valentine's Day can bring out all the feelings, including the not so great ones. The truth is that even if you happen to be in a loving relationship, you may struggle with the most challenging love of all, loving YOURSELF.
Planning a party is like a piece of cake, up until the word "wedding" is thrown in there. The wedding gown is picked out, bridesmaids are sorted and the groom is good to go – but what about mom? Moms struggle with what they should wear, what's appropriate, and most of all, they are usually trying to coordinate with another mom (or more!). This can be all kinds of confusing. And STRESSFUL.

I don't want a resolution. I want a revelation!

Get the reference? 

More than words. The last few years have taught me many things, but one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is how powerful our intentions are. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I choose a word. That helps me focus on my intention for the year. Last year, my word was Abundance. I focused on being abundant in everything that we did. Little did I know that we would be abundantly making masks for so long!

If you've never had the pleasure of having something made, you are missing out! It's funny, because many women come into the process being super nervous about the process because they can't see what it is they're getting, but at the end, almost every single person who goes through the process with us wonders why they have never done it before and and say it's the only way to go. 
I realized that for as much custom work as we do, I have never dedicated a full blog post to exactly what it is and what you can expect. So, here you go, a quick guide to what getting something custom made is like!