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David's World

Planning a wedding and finding the perfect wedding dress during the pandemic can be troublesome, but local Houstonian bride, Kasey French Raley, did it! Come read more about this Texan bride's experience with creating her luxurious yet classic custom dream dress with David Peck.  Enjoy the nitty gritty, magical details of Kasey's big day all during COVID-19!

Today's Made to Marry post is a little different in that while we didn't design the wedding gown, through the process of doing the wedding gown alterations and multiple looks for Lauren O'Malley's mom, Kalli, and grandmother, I feel like I made friends for life. 

I also got an inside look at a SPECATULAR new wedding venue, Weddings at Windy Knoll. 

Virtually putting together someone's vision for one of the most important moments in their life like a wedding dress is definitely a lot of pressure and required a significant amount of communication on both ends. Being able to revisit such a lovely moment from the 4 years ago was definitely an exciting "blast from the past" moment.
Each wedding we get to do is so unique and special, mostly because we get to meet wonderful brides and their families. For Caroline Looke Benak's wedding, we met a whole lot more. We did a total of 10 custom bridesmaid dresses in luscious emerald green velvet along with the flower girl and 2 ring bearer jackets! 

It's very hard to pick a favorite bride because all of them are so unique, but I would be lying if I didn't say that that making my close friends' (and colleagues') were extra special.

Many of you have had the pleasure of working with Kate (Katya) on your own special occasion. She is our patternmaker extraordinaire and manages our production. 

Making our beloved Kate's wedding dress was something I had been excited to make since the day I heard about Samuel. Not only do I work with Kate, but she has become a very close friend of mine over the past six years. Her custom wedding gown had to be perfect and exactly what she had in mind. We collaborated as a team to bring her wedding dreams to reality.

Natalie's Made to Marry post should really be about her whole family and friends that we have dressed either because of recommendations or because her family's world is just that cool that their friends are our clients and vice versa! It's been a blast getting to know Natalie and her mom Laura over this past year.  We've also dressed Laura for Natalie's brother's wedding since this wedding!

Being able to work with a client in order to fulfill their vision for such a special event is one of my favorite parts of my job. Natalie was very clear about what she wanted and that she was not up for a big Cinderella dress. She wanted something simple, clean, and dramatic and I was totally up for it. Her dress actually a bodysuit with two different skirts and a removable cape. I love this look because it was Natalie truly being herself and the result was stunning. 

There are some brides that are just infinitely cooler than I am. Amy West has this chill, Stevie Nicks, rocker vibe, and needed a dress to match. Not an easy task to find off the rack. Amy's rocker chic lace wedding gown fit her like a glove and she ended the night in a webby lace jumpsuit with a white satin, floor-length coat. Match made in rock star heaven. 

You can find out more about Amy's spectacular wedding at the Smart Financial Center in the latest issue of Weddings in Houston Magazine

It's not every day that I'm able to design a wedding gown for someone as adventurous and spontaneous as Ashley. When I say that this gown was 4 years in the making, I'm not kidding. Ashley came to me as soon as she got engaged and knew exactly what she wanted. She knew that they weren't in a rush to get married, but when they decided to set a date (November 21st, 2018 at the Fairmont San Francisco Penthouse Suite), she was prepared. We started making the dress four years after my initial sketch and we barely changed a detail!

Welcome to our brand new series on our beautiful brides (and mothers too!). I'm excited to launch this series because the weddings that we do are so unique and each one has a story that makes it special.

Working with Valerie was exciting because not only is she just a joy to work with, but  she was determined to have her wedding in Italy. Destination weddings are always fun, and I love seeing photos of the gowns we make in exciting locations! I only wish that I could follow each dress we make to its destination. That would be a dream!

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to work with such a variety of different clients and see how they express themselves through their weddings. Michelle was recommended to us by a good friend and happens to be a talented interior designer. She was so excited about the process of making her dress a part of her wedding. 

She came in thinking that she wanted to have a sweetheart, strapless top, but happened to spy one of our day dresses with a draped detail at the shoulder. "I want that!" she said, and we were off!

I recently got to work with an incredible bride. Shon came in with her wedding planner, Crystal from Jane Deux Events (if you haven't checked out their work, get at it). She brought with her inspirational images from a Jennifer Lopez photo shoot and some bridal gowns that she had seen in magazines.