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David's World

Getting dressed is not as easy as picking something out of your closet. There is an art to picking the perfect color to wear for your skin tone. Learn how to distinguish your color pallet and find the right colors for your coloring.
Having something made for you is like the Build A Bear of clothing. When having something made, we work within your parameters and can add or take away as needed. There is not negotiation in custom clothing. The price is always right! Understand how custom works and what your limits and how to get in your ball park budget.
To sleeve or not to sleeve, that is the real question!
Whether it be religion, culture, social status, or just plain fashion, sleeves can be functional and a great statement. Throughout centuries, sleeves have evolved in lengths, size, and fit. Various sleeve designs used over the centuries have faded in and out of fashion based on what's en vogue.

Welcome to a brand new series that I'm calling Peck University, or #PeckU. Why, you ask, is this necessary? It's because there are a many questions that come up when we meet with clients that seem to be either misconceptions or things that people genuinely don't know about how clothes are made.