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David's World

I am beyond thankful for the support and loyalty of our clients. Halfway through 2022, we moved into our new store space and launched our boutique, selling gifts and accessories from local, woman-owned, and minority-owned small businesses. This has led to an explosion of growth and many new faces we happily welcome!
once again debutante season is upon us and we are so excited to help you customize or create your one of a kind deb gown. Be the bell of the ball and let us do all the hard work for you down to picking the perfect gloves and tiara. Everything you need to know about this coming of age special event.
When shopping and picking the perfect outfits for your wedding, it does not end with the wedding dress. The rehearsal dinner and reception outfits are just as important. We will discuss why custom is a great option and what our clients are choosing when it comes to their rehearsal dinner.
Times are changing, and no, I am not referring to Covid-19 or a new president.
I'm talking about bridal attire!
Lots of brides wear a traditional wedding dress for their ceremony and first dance and then may opt to change into a cocktail dress or secondary dress for the reception.
Dress smess… Brides are doing it oh so differently these days. Modern brides are choosing to jump into marriage in a jumpsuit.
Choosing a dress that makes everyone feel their absolute best for a wedding seems like an unfeasible task, sometimes leading to the neglect of the mother's gown. Making sure that everyone is at their best to help celebrate your big day can be made virtually painless with the help of a custom gown. 
Save the hassle of endlessly searching for an underwhelming wedding gown. Here are 3 benefits to ordering a custom piece for that special day.

One of the best things about working closely with our clients is that we get to work on super fun projects with them outside of the norm. One of the recent was with Ashley of Ashley Nicole Style. Ashley has been a great friend and client for several years (we have some other super exciting projects in the works, so stay tuned!), and she is incredibly involved in the Arthritis Foundation.

We've helped support the Arthritis Foundation in the past, but this year was super special because Ashely chaired the event! When she asked us to help her with her costume, I was THRILLED! I'm working on a separate post about the costume and the headpiece for you, but I wanted to give you Ashley's take on the evening.

I got to know Kelly Levesque a few months ago when she came to Houston to sing for theKNOWAutism gala. Not only is she an incredibly talented vocalist, but she is extremely kind and giving. She wrote asong about autism and is donating 100% of the proceeds to the KNOWAutism Foundation. We dressed her for the gala, but somehow, she was convinced to let me sing with her on The Prayer (there may or may not be evidence of this on my Instastory highlights…).

There's never a dull moment around these parts. On Friday, I had the great pleasure of supporting my friend Cara of Craft Salon and Style Bar at Dancing with the Rise Stars. She wowed the crowd with her take on Cinema Italiano from Nine. 

This event was especially meaningful because not only is The Rise School an incredible and inclusive place, but Cara's daughter Alice attends the school. Raising kids is hard enough, but it's places like Rise that make it just a little easier for parents of kids with special needs. 

Cara came in a few weeks ago and asked if would be interested in making her a dancing dress for her number. I'm really not sure why people even ASK if I'm interested, because the answer is almost always YES. I'm sucker for a good challenge. 

This year has got to be one for the books. In addition to some of the over-the-top wedding dresses that David Peck has done, he also got to go to Downton Abbey! Well, he didn't go to Downton Abbey, but his creation did! 

David Peck goes behind the scenes with the nitty gritty details behind the creation of the dress that got to go to Downtown Abbey. 

Here at Miles David, we love showing you behind the scenes looks at how our clothes get made, what we do, and especially why we do it. 

Sometimes, we get a little silly, but we're always serious when it comes to making our clients look and feel their very best. 

Join us, won't you, as we create clothing for you, by us. #MadeforYou

David Peck